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Travel with us throughout Germany and Italy

10 April the first departure from Albania to Germany, the land line

Destinations in Germany

Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Bonn, Kassel, Hanover, Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin

Destinations in Italy

Brindisi, Bari, Foggia, Napoli, Roma, Arezzo, Firenze, Genova, Pisa, Venezia, Padova, Pescara, Ancona, Rimini, Bologna, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Milano, Torino, Cuneo, Verona, Trento, Bolzano

Agimi Travel is one of the most requested companies in the country for carrying out regular international transportation.Currently, we offer passenger transport services from Albania to Italy, from Albania to Germany and vice versa. We also provide organizing tourist packages in and out of the country with good prices and offers. Our tours can be daily, several days as well as weekly.

Our company also offers dental tourism with our clinic “Linda Dent” in Tirana. We also make it possible to book plane tickets on all destinations in the world in case of requests as well as flows. We offer ferry tickets with the best and most known lines of the moment. Our collaborations make it possible to continue traveling accompanied with pleasure and comfort. Agencies in collaboration with us all over Albania operate for a better quality in the service of travelers.

Taking care of the company's image, we strive to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and friendly journey in cooperation with our strictly and experienced drivers. During the long-term existence in the international transport market we have gained the trust of consumers, and our services are popular among travelers. Through the company's continuous development and expanding the network of Albanian, Italian and German agents, we get a new crowd of satisfied customers.

Through a regular system, a considerable part of travelers that travel in base of the tickets benefit promotions and discounts, despite this passengers can travel with their pets-dogs and cats-in safe and comfort conditions.

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The services that Agimi Travel offers

Regular travelers lines

We offer regular travelers lines from Albania towards over 23 cities of Italy, from Albania towards over 10 cities in Germany and vice virsa.

Tourist buses on rent

We offer for all the interested, tourist buses on rent, combining the quality of our modern fleet and specialized staff, with the best prices on the market.

Plane and ferry tickets

Book with us your plane ticket with every airline, and ferry ticket, with the most competitive prices by benefiting from our professionalism.

Tourist Package and Offers

Do you want to travel for touristic purposes? Do you want to get out of a weekend monotony?Don’t know where to celebrate the holidays or spend your honeymoon?Contact us and we will give you the solution.

Hotel Booking

We offer even hotel bookings all over the world, making for you available a giant platform with over 285.000 hotels in 190 states and 15.000 different destinations.

Car Rental

With us you can make bookings for rented cars in Albania and all over the world, through our contemporary ultra modern technological systems.